Action Group Australia

About Action Group Australia

Action Group Australia (AGA) is a private holding company that was established in April 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. Its purpose is to act as a diversified investment vehicle for its parent company, Action Group Holdings Co (K.S.C.C) which is located in the Gulf State of Kuwait.

The company has managed to capitalize on a strong economic climate in Australia with rapid growth taking place in a competitive investment and development market. AGA's diverse portfolio includes industrial and commercial property and as part of our global strategy, has recently entered the hotel and leisure market with strong global relationships with international hotel operators. Action Hotels plc (Action) currently has several hotels under design and construction globally with the intention to grow further in expanding markets.

Action Group Australia's philosophy is based on the strategy of identifying and acquiring property, adding value and then retaining the asset long term. Whether it be investing in a pre-existing property or purchasing and developing a greenfields site, AGA's focus is on risk minimization and taking a wider view on the property market hence achieving a strong performance outcome.